The Chosen Series

Witches and Reapers (The Chosen Volume 1)

Merging Realms | The Chosen Series | Vol. 1

Witches and Reapers

Survival is a game best played by the hunter… not the prey. Tobin, the master of deception, has seeded his web of information in almost every stop he has been to. He is an artist of death, painting the rivers of life to flow in the gorges demanded by Bytos, god to the Assassins. While painting his latest canvas and planting his newest seed, he meets someone just as deadly, Queen Marilynn.

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The Reaper's Apprentice (The Chosen Volume 2)

Merging Realms | The Chosen Series | Vol. 2

The Reaper's Apprentice

Forced into a corner, Tobin employs the unlikeliest of guardians to protect his daughter when he is away… an Unmarked.
Marilynn’s mounting rage demands results, even at the greatest of costs. She’ll fill a gorge with the dead until she has back what is hers.

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Fallen Souls (The Chosen Volume 3)

Merging Realms | The Chosen Series | Vol. 3

Fallen Souls

Bytos & Seren have been forced to burn a card in their deck; one because of love and the other from failure. Q lets the inner demons play as Death loses patients with him, while the lives of Jasper and Richard rest on the edge of Marilynn’s rage.

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